New, larger Izona for US market; Australia will follow

By Patrick Avenell

Fisher & Paykel has today revealed details of its new Izona DishDrawer Tall unit for the United States market. This new washing mahcine is bigger than traditional models, meaning that Americans can store both their Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey plates in the same unit.

The new product, which will be released to the North American market early in the new year, will be manufactured at the group’s newly established plant in Mexico. The product features a larger top drawer, capable of accommodating 320 millimetre plates and platters. A completely redesigned racking system delivers what Fisher & Paykel believes is a more spacious and flexible interior design.

“This new design allows customers the option of loading larger dinner plates and serving platters commonly found in high end North American kitchens,” said Fisher & Paykel CEO John Bongard. “The DishDrawer Tall will be available in both single and double configurations and will provide exciting sales prospects for the North American market.”

Since arriving the on the market in the early part of FY09, the Izona range has captured the imagination of retailers and consumers, winning a swag of design awards along the way. The good news for the local industry is that this new model will be available to the Australian and New Zealand markets sometime in 2009.

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