Philips signs three-year TV supply deal with 460 hotel chain

NEW YORK: In a deal worth up to US $100 million (AUD $147 million), Philips has signed an exclusive three-year agreement to provide its energy-efficient televisions to the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Inc. company’s 460 North American properties.

As reported in an Associated Press story, Philips said the deal for its latest SmartPower2 televisions may be worth up to $100 million. Based on Starwood’s growth plans, Philips said it expects to install at least 80,000 of the televisions for the hotel company over the next three years.

Philips said the new televisions are expected to save Starwood more than $12 million in energy costs over the seven-year lifetime of the equipment, and reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent compared with those now in use.

Starwood reportedly estimates that the average hotel television is on for six to eight hours a day. The company noted that many hotels use televisions for welcome messages and that guests are known to regularly leave their rooms without turning off the TV.

Philips said it has also provided energy efficient lighting to Starwood properties for more than two years.

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