Miele MD talks up how the brand will stay up

By Patrick Avenell

Miele Australia has put out a release declaring the brand is confident of “bucking the trend” in the current global economic crisis.

Seeking to assure staff, consumers and other interest parties is Miele managing director Michael Jeanes.

"For a start, as there is growing uncertainty in the share market and other forms of investments, an increasing number of consumers are likely to allocate their financial resources into the reassuring safety of their own home environment.

“Savvy electrical retailers can capitalise on this by assisting consumers to tailor their individual selection of major domestic appliances and other consumer durables to the specific requirements of their household and lifestyle needs.

“For example, as consumers may decide to reduce the discretionary spend on restaurant meals and other forms of entertainment, they are more likely to upgrade their kitchens and laundries at home to avail themselves of the benefits afforded by superior technology and more water and energy efficient products."

"There is little doubt in my mind that we will probably see an even greater number of retailers running into serious trading difficulties and ultimately facing the challenge to either shape up or ship out.

“However, many of our leading retail partners have recently told me how much they value the benefits of Miele’s Chartered Agency System, especially in these somewhat challenging times, since they have recognised what it means to them that Miele essentially deals directly with the end consumer, carries all the risk and consistently maintains the consignment stock in their stores to reflect the latest product developments.

“Miele’s recent $ 25 million investment into our local infrastructure has further strengthened the support basis for the benefit of our retail partners.

“As consumers are increasingly turning towards strong brands they know and trust, some leading retailers have started to do the same and recognise the opportunity to weed out weak product lines which do very little to contribute to the overall success of their business.

"Miele is confident of continued solid growth in the Australia / New Zealand region in 2009 and invites all supportive Chartered Agents to be an integral part of our success.

“There are plans that Dr. Markus Miele, the great-grandson of one of the founders of the company, will visit Australia next year and personally meet with some of our key Chartered Agents to outline his vision for Miele’s continued development on the world stage," said a verbose Jeanes.

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