Directed Electronics Australia releases the much anticipated Eos Wireless


Directed Electronics Australia is proud to release the much anticipated Eos Wireless, the world’s first digital wireless “whole home audio” speaker system for iPod, allowing multi-room audio distribution capability.
Using breakthrough WiFi friendly technology, the Eos system links up to four stereo remote wireless speakers, establishing interference free CD sound quality (48 kHz). Eos’ GigaWave technology employs error correction and a unique frequency hopping scheme for ranges of up to 45 meters throughout the home or office (even outdoors!).
At the heart of the Eos system is an iPod docking base station / transmitter that features two high performance stereo speakers and a ported subwoofer. The base station transmits audio wirelessly to up to four remote stations. Like the base station, the remote stations boast two high performance loudspeakers and a ported subwoofer.
The revolutionary design of the wireless remote speaker allows mounting of the station directly into a wall power outlet or by unclipping the power supply, can sit independantly on a counter top or bookshelf.
“Our acoustic design team took solid aim at leaders in the category”, said Eos USA Executive VP Jeff O’Shea. “As good as the sound quality is, what is truly phenominal is Eos’ audio link. Eos’ wireless technology has to be heard to be believed”. said O’Shea.
The groundbreaking Eos system is now available via selected retail channels. Dealer enquiries are welcome, and more information can be found via the Eos Wireless Australian website.

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