TEAC has new marketing strategy: retailers should take a look

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: TEAC last night officially launched the new marketing strategy will support the brand as it looks to further expand its range and market share.

Only a few years after relaunching into the Australian market following the collapse of the original TEAC company, the brand, which is originally Japanese, is asking customers, retailers and the media to “Take a look at TEAC”.

This new slogan, which is already adoring billboards, posters and in-store marketing material, reflects the company’s acknowledgment that they are not currently one of the big players in the Australian market, but that it considers itself a viable alternate to the more famous suppliers.

TEAC senior product & marketing manager, Daniel Seow, explained that “Take a look at TEAC” means customers should consider all their options before making a consumer electronics purchase.

The secondary slogan in this marketing strategy is “We give you more”, which is intended to answer the question, “Why take a look at TEAC?”.

The eventual goal of this campaign is to position TEAC as an entity in the Australian market, rather than just a brand name. Part of this will be to emphasise TEAC’s Japanese roots, as there is a misconception in the marketplace that the brand originated in China. Brands such as Sony and Panasonic have successfully built-up the reputation of Japanese products, so much so, that a Japanese heritage has become a paragon for reliability.

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