Siemens offers five year warranty across its entire range

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Siemens Home Appliances today announced that it will offer a five-year warranty across its entire range.

The Siemens Home Appliances range includes ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, warming drawers, dryers, washing machines, semi-integrated and fully integrated dishwashers, wine coolers, side-by-side fridges and built-in espresso machines.

BSH national marketing manager, Christian Salmen, says the five-year warranty is designed with the replacement market in mind who want to purchase appliances to last rather than to save costs.

“When you first set up home, then price is the most important factor, and you tend not to foresee the long term pitfalls of buying appliances that will need to be replaced relatively quickly,” said Salmen.

“When you replace major appliances, you have more experience and can make wise decisions on the reliability and durability of you purchase,” he said.

“Second generation customers are also more serious about assessing the impact of their appliances on the environment, and their energy bills.

“It is these customers who value longer warranties and the confidence they inspire.”

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