Wesfarmers recalls shocking hairdryers

By Patrick Avenell

Wesfarmers Ltd, owner of Coles and Bi-Lo branded stores, has announced the national recall of electric hairdryers sold through various stores owned by the group.

The hairdryers are branded either Coles or Bi-Lo, and were sold at Coles, Bi-Lo and Pick ‘n’ Pay stores between January 2006 and 10 October 2006. Current.com.au understand that all electric hairdryers with this branding have been recalled, and the only further product information available is that they are “3 heat, 2 speed”.

Consumers who use this product risk electrocution from exposure to live parts, caused by faulty cord guard protection with faulty plastic casing.

Affected customers are advised to return the hairdryers to any Coles, Bi-Lo or Pick ‘n’ Pay store for a full refund.

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