Jobs calls new iPod touch “the funnest ever”

By Patrick Avenell

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iPod touch, the second generation of this model, at the Let’s Rock event  in San Francisco.

The new model features a contoured metal design, 3.5-inch widescreen display, Wi-Fi networking (802.11 b/g), a built-in speaker and a built-in accelerometer. There are three sized for consumers to choose from: 32 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes and 8 gigabytes, and all three are available immediately.

“iPod touch is the funnest (sic) iPod we’ve ever created,” said Jobs. “Users can listen to millions of songs, watch thousands of videos and now, thanks to the App Store, download and play hundreds of great games on their iPod touch.”

Talking about additional features of this model is Apple Australia spokesperson Robert Small.

“iPod touch users can choose from hundreds of…game titles such as “Spore Origins” and “Scrabble”…, and “Real Football 2009”… The revolutionary App Store works over Wi-Fi, enabling users to browse, purchase and wirelessly download applications directly onto their iPod touch and start using them instantly,” said Small.

In a cross-promotion deal with Nike, the new iPod touch features a built-in “workout companion”. By placing a sensor in a specific type of Nike shoe, users are able to track their fitness progress with the iPod touch.

The iPod touch 32 gigabytes is available now for RRP $549.
The iPod touch 16 gigabytes is available now for RRP $419.
The iPod touch 8 gigabytes is available now for RRP $329.

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