Retailers, suppliers and customers to benefit from new website

By Patrick Avenell

A new website is working with electrical retailers to provide a price-comparison service for customers looking to buy products on-line. WOW Sight & Sound, Apple, Sony and Dell are amongst the companies that are participating in this venture.

The website,, allows prospective customers to search for products they are researching, and are then able to compare a range of features, depending on the retailer and supplier, before making any purchases. Comparable features include price, warranty information, product history and product popularity.

Although ostensibly a service for online retailers and buyers, the site already boasts a number of well-known brands, and is already being utilised by WOW’s newly launched online trading arm. Apart from the aforementioned, GetPrice is also working with Lenovo, Next Mobile, 3 Mobile and Hi Fi Express.

Talking about this site is GetPrice CEO Chris Hitchen.

“The key point is that it’s not all about price,” said Hitchen. “We’re trying to give consumers a view across many retailers and buying criteria, so they can make their decision on whatever is important to them, be it the retailer themselves, the manufacturer/brand, the product features, the services offered (i.e. warranties, returns policy etc.) or the price.”

Hitchen continued to say that the future for GetPrice involves greater innovation, including SMS alerts for when products hit certain prices.

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