Grundig releases colourful new LCD TVs

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Grundig has announced the release of a number of new HD LCD TVs in its Misuro range. This range is distinguished from its competitors by the presentation of the TVs, which sees the LCD screen encased in various colours.

Currently available in high gloss white and piano black, Grundig will be introducing two new colours to the range in October 2008. In keeping with the theme of abstract adjectives, the two new shades are fire red and midnight blue.

Grundig is currently focused on the smaller screen sizes, which is the LCD format’s bread and butter. As such, the full colour range will soon be available at 15.6 inches (RRP $579) and 22 inches (RRP $849). Grundig already has in release a 19-inch model (RRP $749), although this is only in white and black. The range will be expanded to 32 inches (RRP $1,299) next month, but at this stage, only white and black will be available.

One of the key selling points of Misuro range is the integrated DVD player, which reduces the clutter of set top boxes, additional cords and a second remote control.

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