Radio Rentals SA unable to rebrand the RT Edwards stores

By James Wells

IPSWICH: The Walker family today confirmed that the RT Edwards name will not be switching to Radio Rentals as they do not own the brand in any other state except for South Australia.

Thorn Australia Pty Ltd, owns the Radio Rentals brand in every state of Australia, except for South Australia, where it uses the Rentlo brand.

“The Walker family is a retailer of electrical and furniture goods based in South Australia (SA). The Walker family uses the business name Radio Rentals in SA,” a statement issued by the Walker family said today.

“There is absolutely no connection between the SA company and another company with the same name that operates in the other states, such as Queensland,” the statement said.

Radio Rentals in South Australia has 18 shop fronts and one clearance centre, and is not connected to Radio Rentals in any other state, or to Rentlo in South Australia.

Rentlo was a leading brand in South Australia before closing in 2003 as part of a national rationalisation of RR Australia Pty Ltd (RRAL).

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