LG releases contentious 600Hz plasma televisions

By James Wells in Berlin

BERLIN: LG Electronics has taken on the 200Hz televisions released by Sony and Samsung at IFA with plasma televisions boasting 600Hz or 12 times the number of frames normally displayed in one second.

The 32, 42, 50 and 60 inch plasma televisions claim three times the world first refresh rates boasted by Sony and Samsung.

LG claims its sub-field driving 600Hz technology uses self-illuminating pixels which react quickly to changes on the screens by flashing each dot 12 times resulting in the normal 50 frames a second increasing to 600 times a second or 600 Hz.

Critics at the event described LG’s claims as “creative” as there was no interpolation between frames and each frame was ‘pulsed’ 12 times rather than using specific processing technology to create new frames between the 50 frames in the existing footage.

LG is claiming 600Hz on its PG6000 32-inch, 42-inch and 50-inch plasma televisions, the PG6900 42-inch and 50-inch televisions, the PG6500 42-inch and 50-inch televisions, the PG4000 50-inch television and PG4500 50-inch television.

Unlike Sony who spent millions of dollars on outdoor advertising which was erected around the IFA exhibition and the city of Berlin within hours of the global announcement at its press conference on Thursday, LG announced its 600Hz technology with a small sign about the size of an A4 sheet of paper on its exhibition stand.

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