Sony releases world first 200Hz Bravia televisions

By James Wells in Berlin

BERLIN: Sony has released an LCD TV with world first 200Hz technology — four times the traditional frame rate, making it the world’s fastest on the market. It will be launched in Australia prior to Christmas.

Sony sought to separate itself from the other LCD manufacturers at IFA 2008 with the launch of the Z4 500 Motionflow 200Hz Bravia which represented one of three world firsts announced today across the Bravia range in Europe: the world’s first LCD picture frame TV with integrated high definition wireless connectivity, the world’s thinnest LCD TV,  the Bravia ZX1 measuring 9.9 mm in thickness, and the launch of the first European OLED TV — the XEL-1.

“In this market you cannot talk your way into first place,” said Hiroshi Sakamoto, Vice President of TV Marketing, Sony Europe. “The products must speak for themselves. That is why we are announcing three world firsts for BRAVIA technology and a European first with the introduction of the OLED TV XEL-1. Sony is continuously striving to lead the way with advanced innovations in TV technology and cutting edge design. We’re excited to see our customers’ reactions.”

Sony claims the 200Hz Motionflow system uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate three additional frames for every original, upping the frame rate from 50 to 200 per second. Sony says the result is the smoothest and clearest motion reproduction to be achieved by an LCD TV.

Sony Australia national sales manager David Hargreaves has confirmed the 200Hz television will be launched in the Australian market by Christmas. A national roadshow promoting the company’s flat panel products is expected to be conducted in the fourth quarter of 2008.

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