LG sued over Scarlet name


By Chris Nicholls

CALIFORNIA: Professional movie camera manufacturer RED has filed a lawsuit against LG Electronics for using the Scarlet name, already used on a RED camera.

In a filing in Orange County, California, the camera maker said LG Electronics had released the television range despite RED refusing permission to use the name.

“LG released the Scarlet TV even after asking us permission and us turning them down. I guess they thought they could just ‘take it’. Litigation was initiated in Orange County. My bet is that this is just the tip of the iceberg,” said RED president Jim Jannard on the Reduser.com forum site.

LG is not a stranger to litigation. In January, Whirlpool in the US filed a suit against the company about technology used in its side-by-side refrigerators, while claims made regarding LG’s Kompressor vacuum cleaner resulted in a lost court case in the UK.


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