WOW Sight & Sound flying high with marketing

By Patrick Avenell

BRISBANE: WOW Sight & Sound has taken to promotional activity to new heights with their creative displays and marketing exploits in conjunction with a major sports competition. The Queensland-based electrical retailer, which is currently undergoing a gradual expansion into other regions, became the major sponsor of the Brisbane Broncos this year and is using that partnership to cement their brand’s position in the marketplace.

A snapshot of this activity was seen last Sunday at Suncorp Stadium, when the Broncos hosted the Canberra Raiders in an NRL Round 19 fixture. Whereas some sponsors are happy just to have their name on the jersey and signage at the ground, WOW is making a concerted effort to raise awareness and integrate itself into the entertainment.

The most impressive tactic is the WOW blimp, which flies around the stadium interior in the half-hour before the game and then again at halftime. This blimp is around 25 metres long and 15 metres wide and is able to travel at a reasonable speed at the same level as the second tier of the stadium. During this display, the WOW themesong plays on the stadium public address and the scoreboard plays advertisements for the company.

A more direct marketing tactic was on display in the corporate areas of Suncorp, where WOW had placed copies of their catalogues in the private boxes. From the media viewing area, it was clear to see that these catalogues were being studies in all four visible corporate boxes. This is particularly beneficial when considering that people who attend corporate boxes at sporting events are generally considered to have more disposal income than those who sit in general admission.

In a more tradional match-day promotion, WOW held a competition at halftime for a crowdmember to win some appliances, whilst in unison with Nova’s Brisbane radio station attendees were given another opportunity to win from WOW by calling up a radio program with a codeword.

At the ground, a spectator can see over 40 WOW Sight & Sound logos from any given seat. Additionally, there are six strategically placed signs around the two scoreboards, meaning that for every video referee decision the brand receives prolonged television exposure.

At ground level, there is a 100-metre long electronic billboard that promotes WOW, in conjunction with the brands they carry (Panasonic, LG, D-Link and Samsung, for example). This banner morphs between WOW and other club sponsors, though it is programmed to always show WOW when a kick-off is being taken, hence giving the brand the best exposure on television.

The innovative electrical retailer has also integrated itself into gameplay, with the players not just attempting to score tries and goals, but WOW tries and WOW goals, as per the scoreboard display.

In a good weekend for the WOW Broncos, they overcame their rivals 34-6.

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