Sandisk sets new SD flash speed record — 30 MB per second

By Martin Vedris

TOKYO: SanDisk Corporation announced that today it set a new speed record of 30 megabytes per second for SDflash memory cards with the introduction of the SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition line of SDHC Cards.

The new cards, expected to be available worldwide in September in 4-gigabyte (GB), 8GB and 16GB capacities.

According to a statement from Sandisk, the new Nikon D90 is the industry’s first DSLR camera to support SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC cards at increased performance.

The new SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC card makes it possible to record 39 images in continuous shooting mode at 4.5 frames per second with a file size of 6.0 MB JPEG L Fine per image.

Australian pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed.

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