Chequebook rogue a warning to all retailers

By Patrick Avenell

VICTORIA: The Warrnambool Standard is reporting that a kebab shop owner has faced court charged with defrauding over $30,000 from stores including Harvey Norman and Clive Peeters.

Rozbin Yakamoz, who is described as a “kebab shop owner”, is alleged to have purchased $17,000 worth of goods from a Harvey Norman with a cheque that was later dishonoured. Five days later, on 17 June, it is alleged that Yakamoz bought $7,500 worth of electrical goods from a Clive Peeters store.

In total, Yakamoz is alleged to have acquired more than $30,000 worth of products during this chequebook scheme.

Warrnambool Detective Sergeant Lee Porter told the goods obtained were, “mainly electrical and furnishings…plasmas, fridges, computers…all the way to PlayStations, mobile phones, Bluetooths.

“He basically furnished his whole place.”

Detective Sergeant Porter continued to say that Yakamoz would hire a truck to transport these goods, thus negating the need for delivery. His message to appliance retailers was to be suspicious of any customer paying by cheque who wants to only take stock off the showroom floor and is ready with their own transport. 

Yakamoz is due to appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court on 23 September, when the Warrnambool Standard predicts he will plead guilty.

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