Avico releases home theatre power surge protector

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Avico has released a new power surge protector designed for use with home entertainment systems.

The protector is called the Home Theatre 8 and it provides sockets for eight appliances to be used simultaneously, plus dedicated sockets for cable television, telephone and television aerials.

According to press release of this product, “most consumers don’t realise that power spikes and surges can destroy or seriously damage all home theatre equipment plus computers (and data), refrigerators, dishwashers – in fact any electrical appliance”.

The release continues to explain how surge protection works:

“A surge protector is a device that sits between the power outlet and the electrical device and regulates the current by either blocking or shorting to ground any unsafe voltage – therefore reducing the risk of damage caused by power surges and spikes.”

The Avico Home Theatre 8 has a silver housing, high-speed response time of less than two nanoseconds, can protect against a surge up to 1,550 joules and has protection against electromagnetic noise interference and radio frequency interference.

Purchase of this surge protector comes with a connected equipment warrant up to $35,000 for the replacement of any device plugged into the protector that is damaged or destroyed.

The product is not infallible, however, with Avico advising consumers that this surge protector has a ‘use once and destroy’ limitation for major power surges. Consumers are advised to replace this model after major power surges, after prolonged use, or after it has protected against a series of minor power fluctuations.

The Avico Home Theatre 8 is currently available at RRP $99.

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