Hoover celebrates 100 years with a national treasure hunt and prizes

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: As part of it’s 100th year celebrations, Hoover Floorcare has embarked on a national search to find the oldest Hoover vacuum cleaner in Australia. The prize is a personal house cleaner for a year and 10 runners up will win a new Hoover Freemotion Cyclean bagless vacuum cleaner (TFS6212, RRP $499).

“We are very excited to announce Hoover’s 100th birthday and will celebrate this milestone with Australian Hoover lovers nationally by holding the largest ever Retrospective Vacuum Cleaner Exhibition,” said Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific director, Damian Court.

The search is on for not only the oldest Hoover vacuum cleaner but also some of the more unique designs.

“Vacuum cleaners can be old, glamorous, retro, rusty, dusty, spherical, square, tall and small — just as long as it’s a Hoover!,” said Court.

“In the search for a Hoover treasure, we’re hoping one of the more unusual vacuum cleaners, the ‘Hoover Constellation’, which is in the shape of a canister but has no wheels, may be discovered. This vacuum cleaner floats on its exhaust and operates as a hovercraft! Introduced in 1952, this collectible has a swivel top hose so the user placed the Hoover in the centre of the room and worked around the cleaner.”

Court also said that people might also come across a suction sweeper ‘Model O’ built in 1908, which sold for US$60.

“Other iconic memorabilia to discover would be a ‘beater bar’ from 1926, or the first ever vacuum headlight! You could even unearth an old disposable vacuum cleaner bag or housing unit from way back in 1926!,” Court said.

To enter a piece of Hoover memorabilia into the competition, send a picture of the unique find along with an interesting story less than 50 words about the Hoover vacuum cleaner to:

“The oldest Hoover”
Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific
Locked Bag 120
Silverwater Distribution Centre  NSW  1811

For competition Terms and Conditions visit: www.hooverfloorcare.com.au/theoldesthoover

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