First ‘Super Leaders’ announced, electronics industry well represented

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE: A number of managers and executives in the Australian electronics industry have been named ‘Super Leaders’ in the inaugural list published by the Super Leaders of Australia organisation.

According to this group, the Super Leaders initiative was “borne out of [a] desire to demystify the concept leadership, making it accessible and easy for people to learn from the best in the business”. The group is headed by self-style entrepreneur and HR veteran Carmen Parnos.

The electronics and technology industries are well represented in the 2008 field, with the following individuals named ‘Super Leaders’:

-LG Electronics Australia managing director, Daniel Shin.
-Fujitsu CEO Australia/NZ, Rod Vawdrey.
-Pioneer Australia managing director, Yasuo Sakuma.
-Sun Microsystems managing director, Jim Hassell
-IBM CEO Australia/NZ, Glen Boreham.
-Google regional MD, Richard B. Kimber.
-EDS VP Australia/NZ, Chris Mitchell.
-Vodafone Australia CEO, Russell Hewitt.
-CA [Computer Associates] managing director, Pacific, Tony Armfield.

LG Electronic’s Daniel Shin attributes his recognition to his policy of open communication, which has helped create passionate and efficient employees.

“Taking the time to listen, rather than just talk, encourages employee empowerment. In my experience this leads to the highest standard of work,” said Shin.

The Super Leaders organisation is currently planning to introduce the concept in Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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