Nintendo on Wii hardware Australian releases

By Patrick Avenell

Melbourne: Nintendo public relations coordinator Heather Murphy has given some indications of when certain eagerly-anticipated Wii products will be released in Australia.

Although not able to give exact dates, Murphy was candid when discussing the releases of the new Wii material recently launched at the E3 conference in the United States.

Wii Music “should be this year,” according to Murphy, who also predicted that the Animal Crossing game, which includes the WiiSpeak microphone, would be released this year.

Expectant fans of Wii Motion Plus will have to wait longer, however, with Murphy saying that the Wii remote attachment “definitely won’t be this year”.

The news of these releases coincided with the release of the most recent Nintendo DS Touch Generations game, Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir. This game is RRP $49.95 and available now.

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