Military technology coming soon to protect phones and gadgets

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: InvisibleSHIELD is a scratch-proof and stain-resistant protective film designed to protect military helicopter wings from damage but has been applied to protect electronic gadgets such as phones. The distributor is currently building retail distribution.

For anyone who has ever retained the thin plastic protective film on their new mobile phone or watch screens for as long as possible, this new product has all the promise to be a hit.


InvisibleSHIELD is a thin, transparent, protective film using patent pending technology that, according to Deep Blue, the Australian distributor, was originally developed to protect military helicopter blades from wind, sand, and the wear and tear of flight.

The product provides extra grip to the device, and protects against fingerprints.

InvisibleSHIELD’s creators, Zagg, have prepared over 2,000 precision cut designs so that there is reportedly an invisibleSHIELD available for most handheld electronic devices on the market, including the new Apple iPhone.

Custom cut orders are also available for unique models, at no additional cost, but the minimum order quantities vary depending on size and intricacy. The company advises however that custom cuts may not be required because if a cut for a particular device cannot be located in Australia, it could be sourced from the parent company in the USA, again at no additional charge.

It is not just for the screen either, the majority of the designs available cover both the screen and the casing of the product — consumers can choose whether to buy full body protection, or just the screen. However some lines are currently only available with screen protection.

The range of devices it ‘covers’ includes mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS systems, laptops, gaming consoles, PDAs and media players.

“Before invisibleSHIELD there were only two choices; a sexy new gadget hidden away in a bulky case or a sexy new gadget covered with scratches,” said InvisibleSHIELD product manager, Paul Branagan.

“However with this new technology, gadget enthusiasts will be able to show off their new toys, without fear of damage. In fact, Zagg is so confident in the quality of this product that a lifetime warranty is being offered; if invisibleSHIELD is ever scratched or damaged, the film will be replaced for free,” he said.

Acidental peeling off is also covered by the warranty, but according to Branagan, it will not accidentally peel off, although it can be removed if required.

Deep Blue said that prices are set to start from RRP $19.95, and invisibleSHIELD will be available through selected stockists. It will also be available directly from the company’s soon to be launched website,

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