Panasonic releases new DVD Home Theatre systems


Panasonic releases new DVD Home Theatre systems

The SC-PT865W features an advanced integrated iPod dock. Recharge your iPod, play music or view video and still images via the home theatre system and your TV, all operated with the supplied remote control.

Panasonic’s VIERA Link HDAVI control allows HDMI digital A/V connectivity for convenient single remote operation of Panasonic audio and a VIERA TV. This remote also controls any iPod connected to the Home Theatre.

The system delivers a Powerful 1250W (Total RMS) 5.1-channel surround sound. The SC-PT865W is equipped with a Kelton-design subwoofer that reduces vibration and noise while delivering more dynamic bass. 

Using the optical input terminal, connect a flat screen TV to your Panasonic Home Theatre system with an optical audio cable, and you can view TV programs and other content with multi-channel surround sound.

Panasonic’s SC-PT865W available now.

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