Big radio stations to start touting DAB pre-Christmas

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Commercial Radio Australia has expanded on its announced launch event news, broken Friday, revealing it will back up its March launch event with pre-Christmas promotions.

According to Commercial Radio Australia chief executive Joan Warner, the various stations around the country will promote the new format on-air in the run up to Christmas, highlighting the late December-early January transmission start date, followed by the March launch event.

“From late December to January, people who buy a digital radio will be able to receive services, and there will be a pre-Christmas promotion on-air to that effect,” she said.

While concrete details had yet to be confirmed, Warner said late February to early March would see a special launch event held to promote the format once it had been on air for a couple of months.

“We will have a coordinated launch event with all the [radio station] stars doing something,” she said.

Warner said the event may tie in to something already occurring at that time, or even morph into “an official digital radio day”.

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