Philips’ flat TVs achieve 0.15 watt standby and comply with 10-star scheme

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Philips 2008 range of ‘Made in Europe’ Flat TVs have an energy standby power of 0.2 watts and will also comply with the new voluntary 10-star energy rating system.

Matthew Moran, general manager of Philips Consumer Lifestyle Australia said the company aims to be a leader in sustainable design and energy efficiency.

“Last year Philips announced its EcoVision 4 program which detailed plans to accelerate energy efficiency reductions in our products and operations. In addition, we committed to and believed that a standby power of less than 0.2 watts was achievable,” said Moran.

“Less than a year later, I am proud to announce that we have accomplished this and will shortly introduce our 2008 Flat TV range which features a low 0.15 watt standby power — exceeding even our own goals.”

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