iiiHome leads the way in showroom innovation

By Patrick Avenell

BRISBANE: Two weeks after the launch of the iiiHome in Brisbane, Videopro Group CEO Ian Wright has declared the project a success. Launched on 25 June in Brisbane’s inner city, the iiiHome is a half million dollar construction that acts as both a showroom and an insight into the automated future of technology in Australian living areas.

The inspiration for the iiiHome arose from logistical concerns from Videopro’s existing consumer business. In the past, Videopro customers, some spending $700,000 on home installations, had to trust the sales consultants’ theories on what could be achieved. As Wright put it, it was “hearsay” that the retailers could deliver on promise.

“The idea of the iiiHome in our store is to show the customer exactly what you can do with the products,” said Wright.

This show is substantial, as you would assume having spent $500,000. The hub of the iiiHome is a 15-inch AMX master touch panel in the kitchen. From here, the user can control AV, lighting, security and air conditioning. This panel operates systems within the whole house and can be operated via mobile text message.

Audio visual products were furnished by Panasonic, with a 17-inch LCD in the kitchen and a 65-inch plasma in the living room. Additionally, there is a Blu-ray player, CD player, a radio and connectivity for gaming consoles. These are all under the auspice of 8.4-inch AMX panel, which can be mounted or released for portability.

Another automated panel in the bedroom controls the 37-inch ‘magic mirror’ TV, speakers mounted in the ceiling, blinds and various AV playback appliances. In the bathroom, the wall-mounted mirror can be converted to an LCD television, controlled by a 5-inch AMX panel, which also looks after the CD player and radio.

A home cinema, featuring specially designed furniture, is designed around a 110-inch perforated screen supplied by Screen Technics. The speakers are mounted behind the screen, “so that the voices pass directly through the screen”.

When asked about the public’s response, Wright said, “It’s been absolutely amazing, lots of people have been coming through. They come and have a look and say ‘that’s unbelievable.’”

Wright acknowledges, however, that few people can afford such installations in their own home. “It’s the high end of what you can do – the customer can then scale it down,” said Wright, “There is a massive price range on what you can do.”

Videopro has been working with AMX for some time, and Wright is happy for the brand to be at the heart of the iiiHome. “It’s an ideal showcase for their brand,” said Wright.

This association made the chose of Panasonic more straightforward. Its panels feature RS232 connectivity, “which is easier to control with AMX,” according to Wright.

Videopro currently sell all the AV and connectivity products on show at the iiiHome, but not the furniture or cooking equipment. The iiiHome is located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane – more information can be found at this website.

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