Panasonic Blu-ray recorder TVC escapes onto Channel Seven

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Panasonic Australia has backed up its recent Blu-ray recorder launch, the first of any such device outside Japan, with a TVC running until 24 August.

The commercial, which began airing from this month, is running on Channel Seven as part of the broadcast partner deal, and will use what Panasonic claims are “Hollywood-style cinematic effects” to depict a jail break.

In the advert, two criminals escape from a jail, yet find themselves trapped within a TV. They escape only when a recordable Blu-ray disc is inserted into the recorder connected to the TV.

“We believe that the advertisement produced by The Campaign Palace will be an entertaining and effective tool in educating the market about the exciting possibilities Blu-ray recording offers.” said Panasonic Australia Consumer Electronics Group director, Paul Reid.

Melissa Gill, team leader at The Campaign Palace, said their challenge was to “find a simple and entertaining way to communicate this exciting new technology into to market”.

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