LG keeps it cool with new fridges

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: LG has launched their latest refrigeration products, claiming leading design and technology status with their one top-mount and two side-by-side fridges.

The two side-by-side models follow the recent trend set by competitors such as Samsung in fitting the ice dispenser unit to the door to liberate extra space on the freezer side and the top model gains a “One Touch Homebar” flap for easy drinks access drinks and to provide a resting place for glasses.

LG training manager, Martin Kim, said the Homebar also meant customers used less electricity when reaching for drinks, as only the flap needed to be open, not the entire door.

“By having a Homebar there that is quite easily accessible, you’re not having to constantly open and close, open and close the door. Because what happens – the more you open and close the door, the temperature inside there [the fridge] will go up … and then what happens is the compressor runs, which means high energy costs.”

The side by side models also come in the now standard stainless steel finish for ‘premium’ look whitegoods, with an anti-fingerprint coating to keep it looking clean.

LG’s latest top-mount refrigerators eschew the plumbed-in water dispensers of the side-by-side models, but keep many of the other key features from the side-by-side models, including ‘Bioshield’ antibacterial seal, carbon filter to remove smells, and the innovative honeycomb crisper lid.

The honeycomb design on the underside of the crisper lid is meant to trap water evaporating from fruit and vegetables stores below and prevent it from falling, which it does with conventional flat, smooth lid.

Kim demonstrated the efficacy of the system by pouring half a glass of water on the lid, then draining the excess. What remained was still a quarter of a glass, none which dripped off when hung upside down.

All three models also aimed to keep items at the front of the fridge cooler by adding air vents at the front of the refrigerator spaces.

The top-mount models will be available from next month for RRP $1,999 (white) and RRP $2,186 (titanium finish).

LG’s side-by-side models will also be available from August, with RRPs of $4,374 for the non-Homebar model and $5,624 for the Homebar-equipped model.

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