HP announce Harvey Norman computer exclusive

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: HP has announced the release of a touch screen personal computer, the TouchSmart IQ500 Series PCs. There are two models in the current roll-out, the IQ505a, which is widely available, and the IQ508a, which will be sold exclusively through Harvey Norman. Both models run on Microsoft Vista.

The TouchSmart IQ500 series is targeted toward the tech-savvy trend follower, with heavy emphasis placed on the media playback options. Despite this obvious selling point, however, HP has integrated some versatility, with the touch features complimented by an included wireless keyboard and mouse. This is a contrast to the new tablet-style touch PCs which are intended to be used with touch exclusively.

Touch-based technology is now very fashionable, with computer, phone and media player manufacturers all incorporating the feature into various products.

The touch interaction is provided by ‘two-touch intuitive gesture technology’, which enables access to information via “a finger tapped or swept across the screen.”

“The new series aims to remove the gap between people and computers in their homes. We’re changing personal computing from specifications and processing to an experience based on customers’ needs,” said HP Australia market development manager (consumer PCs), Manpal Jagpal.

Specifications on the models include Intel Core 2 duo processor (2.0GHz for 505a and 2.16GHz for 508a), 4096MB DDR2 memory with a 320GB (505a) or 500GB (505b) hard drive and integrated high definition audio.

Both models feature a 22-inch widescreen display; built-in DVD burner, webcam and microphone; and Bluetooth connectivity.

The IQ505a is RRP $1,999, while the IQ508a is RRP $2,499.

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