Philips Australia to launch super-efficient TVs

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Philips Australia has used World Environment Day to announce initial details of a new range of low-energy consumption televisions, which use a sixth of the standby energy the government is expected to enforce in future.

The FlatTV range, due to be introduced in June, will use only 0.15 watts of electricity during standby – six times less than the Federal government’s proposed one watt standby standard.

“Last year, Philips announced its EcoVision 4 program, which detailed plans to accelerate energy efficiency reductions in our products and operations. In addition, we committed to and believed that a standby power of less than 0.2 W was achievable,” said Philips Consumer Lifestyle Australia general manager, Matthew Moran.

“Less than a year later, I am proud to announce that Philips Consumer Lifestyle Australia has accomplished this task and will shortly introduce our 2008 FlatTV range which features a low 0.15W standby power – exceeding even our own goals."

A Philips spokesperson said technical details would be released at the official launch.

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