‘World’s largest’ LCD TV in production

By Chris Nicholls

OSAKA: Sharp has put its 108-inch LCD television into production in Japan, almost a year and a half after the prototype went on show at CES 2007.

The television, which uses an entire uncut motherglass sheet from the current Kameyama 2 factory (2,160×2,460mm) for construction, will make its debut appearance at the new Shinjuku Piccadilly Cineplex on 19 July. 

No retail prices have been announced to date, but Sharp said it would begin selling the television worldwide from the 19 July date on.

The 108-inch set uses a fan-less design to reduce noise and dust intake, making it ideal of businesses, Sharp said, and comes with the usual array of HDMI and DVI sockets.

Sharp said the television in the cinema lobby will be used to screen film previews and advertising.

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