Red all about it: Samsung launch home theatre system

By Patrick Avenell

Samsung has launched its new range of home theatre systems, one of which fits into a growing industry trend. The models come with the tagline “design that performs”, a reference to the reddish tint that adorns the hardware on the HT-X715. Unlike their Korean cousins LG, however, this range is not being promoted by a $100 million advertising campaign starring Gary Sweet.

This colour trend in home entertainment products revolves around the theory that if one piece of equipment is purchased with a trademark hue, then all further acquisitions will have to be from the same brand in order for the products not to clash in the living room. Samsung acknowledge this, with their release of the new models assuring consumers that the home theatres “features the same red hued ‘crystal design’ as the latest…range of…TVs, ensuring a…fit for the…lounge room.”

Regardless of the motives, Samsung is very enthusiastic about the range, which is headlined by the HT-X810, also known as the Soundbar. This model has a 5.8GHz subwoofer, Bluetooth and USB.

Other models in the range include:

The HT-XA100, featuring a satellite 5.1 system and 600w RMS.

The HT-Z315, featuring tallboy 5.1 speakers, 1000w RMS and Bluetooth.

The HT-Z210, featuring bookshelf 5.1 speakers, HDMI output, 1080p up-scaling and 800w RMS.

The HT-Z110, featuring 5.1 satellite speakers and a “range of format compatibilities” for playback.

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