Samsung looking to improve reputation, Haier offers some tips

By Patrick Avenell

Samsung has responded to yesterday’s article highlighting the comparatively poor reputation the company has in the business community. In a survey conducted by the Reputation Institute and published by Forbes, Samsung was ranked 196th, well behind competitors such as Sharp (16), Philips (31) and Sony (38).

Samsung Electronics Australia director of marketing, Kurt Jovais, downplayed the rankings, explaining them as a result of change within the company. Additionally, Jovais highlighted success within the local market as an indicator that this global report may not have accurately reflected Australian views.

“Samsung recognises that the last year has been a transformative year for the company, which has experienced tremendous growth for the global and Australian organisation,” said Jovais.

At the top end of the rankings, number one whitegoods brand and 15th overall, Haier, offered some advice to the brands in the lower reaches of the chart.

“It’s vital any organisation strives to protect the image, integrity and reputation they’ve built and continue to do as Haier does to protect this investment,” said Haier product manager, Lan Nguyen.

When asked how important the brand image is in the community, Nguyen responded, “The brand name is paramount, [we’ve] made a heavy investment to build the current level of brand equity”.

Samsung are taking a different path in order to improve their reputation in the market place. Rather than investing in the image of the brand, the company is directing their money toward product innovation.

“We are committed to providing…products [that] further develop the relationships with and success of our customers, retailers and supply chain that will give us a leadership position,” (sic) said Jovais.

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