ACCC reprimand not-so-powerful Hoover

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Hoover Floorcare Asia Pacific Pty Ltd, a national importer and distributor of vacuum cleaners, has admitted that it misrepresented the power output of two its models.

The first model concerned is the Powerforce H5003, which was represented as having a power output of 2200 watts. This vacuum cleaner, however, has been shown to only be able to achieve an output of 2000 watts. The cleaner is only able to achieve the stated 2200 watts upon the addition of a Powerbrush attachment.

The second model misrepresented is the Hoover Handivac JVC 2026 which, despite only containing a 6-volt battery, was advertised as containing an output of either 9 or 12 volts.

The court enforceable undertakings Hoover has made in response to these overstatements include:

– Only representing the power output of the vacuum cleaner as supplied.
– Prominently indicating any requirement to purchase attachments to achieve higher output.
– Discontinuing any applicable misleading advertising material.
– Requesting that retailers of affected models display a notice offering compensation.
– Publishing a notice in the Weekend Australian newspaper and on their website offering compensation.
– Establishing and implementing a trade practices law compliance program.

At the time of publication, no notice had been placed on the Hoover website.

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