Natcomp sets up in-house warranty support for Vivo with 1800 number

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Natcomp, which is currently in talks with retailers nationally to range the new Vivo brand of CE products, has set up an in-house warranty department to handle warranty and after sales enquiries.

“The customer can call us direct, they don’t have to bother the retailer and we’ll deal with it,” said Natcomp managing director, Fabio Grassia.

The Vivo product range currently includes LCD and plasma TVs, LCD monitors, mini laptops, portable DVDs, GPS navigation systems and set top boxes.

The mini laptops, at RRP $399, are positioned to compete with the Asus Eee PC and the new HP Mini-Note PC.

“We have a new warranty card called Vivo Customer Care,” said Grassia. “We’ve got a 1800 number where the end user can call us and we’ve got a dedicated staff to deal with any issues, it’s an added service we are offering.”

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