Harvey Norman urges Voxson to retail professional hairdryers

By Patrick Avenell

BRISBANE: Voxson’s new Cheveux Professional hairdryer range has so impressed Harvey Norman retailers that the products, initially intended for commercial use, will now be sold to the general public. Voxson straighteners and steam stations are coming next.

Voxson’s sales director, consumer products, Nick Longginou said that the hairdryers were never meant to be available in retail stores, yet at an exhibition to various Harvey Norman representatives they were convinced that the high-end products could work on the retail floor.

There is a downside to this news for Voxson, however, with the product not being designed specifically for domestic use.

Voxson formulated the specifications with professional hairdressers firmly in mind. Included amongst these industrial specifications is a three metre length electrical cord — around twice the length of a standard hairdryer cord — which could prove a challenge in a humble bathroom.

Other features of the Voxson Chevaux HD2200AC range include tourmaline ceramic crystals, ionic technology, an AC motor, six temperature and fan combinations and a cold shot button. The suggested retail price for the new hairdryers is $89.

Nick Longginou described the Chevaux hairdryer as the best he’s seen — but he still wasn’t convinced it was made for general consumers.

“[Harvey Norman] were blown away, it was originally just for salon use but they talked us around,” said Longginou.

This is welcome news for Voxson, who is also currently in the approval stage for their line of hair straighteners. Longinnou was confident there would be no issues here, claiming that hold-ups in approval were not unusual with such complex and high tech products.

“It just takes time with so many tests to be run,” assured Longinnou.

Voxson is also currently negotiating with retailers on its new line of high-end steam stations. Although Longinnou refused to specify which retailers Voxson was dealing with, it is clear that Voxson and Harvey Norman are keen to increase their business relationship. When asked about the price range of the new steam stations, Longinnou replied, “very up-market”.

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