Philips unveils new DVD HDD recorders, MP3 player offer

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Philips Electronics Australia has released two new DVD hard disc recorders and is offering a free MP3 player with each model purchased for a limited time.

The two recorders, the DVDR5570H (RRP $669.95) and the DVDR5520H (RRP $569.95), both have standard definition digital tuners, ‘One Touch’ recording and ‘Dual Media’ functionality, to allow recordings on any disc format. The 5570H has a 250 GB HDD, while the 5520H has a 160 GB hard disc.

While the two recorders only feature standard definition tuners, the two both feature 1080p upscaling and can record 5.1 sound recording thanks to their digital co-axial sockets.

Customers can use the ‘HDD Media Jukebox’ feature to organise their photos, videos and music on the hard discs, transferred via USB or disc. Content stored on the hard disc can also be transferred onto a USB stick. Philips’ ‘i.LINK’ connectivity allows direct viewing and recording from a camcorder.

In addition, both models use Philips’ ‘Time Shift Buffer’ technology to records up to six hours of programming automatically whenever the unit is turned on.

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