Samsung unveils new flat panel range, all bar one 1080p

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung unveiled their new range of flat panel televisions at a national roadshow today, with all bar one of the models now full HD 1080p.

The models, now delineated by BMW-like 4, 5, 6, and 7 Series designations, all have 1080p, 100Hz technology, bar the base 410 model.

The shift to full HD is reflected in demand for the higher-end products, with Samsung audio visual senior product manager, Evan Manolis, saying the company expected 60 per cent of all LCD sales to be 1080p models by value this year.

“What was premium last year in 1080p, 100Hz technology … we’re now bringing that to the entry level,” he said.

Manolis said the increase in HD content, especially with free-to-air HD channels, had kick-started the HD television market.

Manolis said Samsung had a two-year patent on ‘Crystal Design’ technology, and claimed it took a year to set up production processes to manufacture it, which gave Samsung a three-year head start.

One clear distinction was the shift to ‘true’ 100Hz frame rates for the plasma models, as opposed to the pseudo 100Hz system used in the past.

The new television range will be released in June this year, with the exception of the Series 7 models, due in late August or September, and the 650 model, which will be released in July. No prices have been set as yet.

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