Miele America recalls fire-causing gas dryers

By Chris Nicholls

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY: Miele has announced a recall of approximately 3,100 ‘Residential Super-Large’ gas dryers after it was discovered a faulty gas fitting could cause a gas leak and in one instance had resulted in a house fire.

In its filing to the US Product Safety Commission (USPSC), Miele America said while there had been no reports of injury from either leaks or the fire incident, any gas leaks could result in “asphyxiation, a fire or an explosion”.

One or both of the caps on the internal exhaust duct could also become dislodged, the company said, which could cause lint to build up and be carried through the gas burner, possibly starting a fire.

Miele said it had received 11 reports worldwide in which consumers reported smelling gas after installation of the Czech-made dryers, and one reporting the aforementioned fire.

A spokesperson for Miele Australia categorically said the affected models were not sold locally.

The model involved is badged the T 9820. The serial number for the white dryers can be located on the rim of the door opening, and is written as Nr:xx/, followed by an eight-digit number in the range from 66461685 to 89921848.

The affected models were sold between March 2007 and December 2007 for approximately US$1,300.

Customers affected are advised to stop using the dryer immediately and turn off the gas supply to the unit. Miele said it had recently sent letters to all registered owners.

Customers who have not had their dryer inspected should contact a Miele authorized service provider for a free inspection and repair, if necessary. Dryers serviced since January 23, 2008 have been inspected/repaired, the company said.

Miele said further details were available on their website, but a search by Current.com.au failed to find the USPSC release or any further information.

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