Logitech aim to turn mobiles into ‘ghetto blasters’

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Logitech have announced its Pure-Fi mobile speaker system, which is a wireless, one-piece stereo speaker system that can interact with a mobile phone from within 10 metres to wirelessly stream music or make phone calls.

Users will be able to accept and end phone calls, as well as listen to music transmitted wirelessly. Additional features include two built-in microphones for recording use and rechargeable batteries.

Logitech’s vice president and general manager, audio business unit, Mark Schneider, was keen to stress the versatility of their new product.

“When you’re at a party, at the park, or just hanging out at home, your mobile phone music will always sound great,” said Schneider.

With reference to the growing desire for great functionality with minimal hardware, and making a subtle jab at competitors Apple, Schneider said, “Toss your ear buds aside!”

Logitech are hedging their bets, however, with the wireless capability being supplemented with the inclusion of a power adaptor or mini-USB cable for when the batteries, advertised at lasting 12 hours, eventually go flat.

Whilst marketed for use with mobile phones, the speaker system can effectively be used with any media source, either through Bluetooth or the built-in 3.5 mm audio jack.

The Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Speaker System is set to be released locally in June 2008 with a suggested retail price of $229.

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