iWorld turns diva with new range of iPod accessories

By Chris Nicholls

MELBOURNE: iPod accessory distributor iWorld is set to launch a new range of iPod accessories targeted specifically at females, called iDiva, as well release more Philips-branded iPod docks onto the market, according to director Chad DeClase.

DeClase said the idea for the new iDiva range came after the success of the Swarovski ‘Active Crystal’ accessory range, introduced to the line-up after a distribution deal was signed with Philips late last year.

“It’s [the Active Crystal range] opened up a market for us that’s really dynamic. Because we’re Macheads and so formulated with guy-related products … what happened is when they [Philips] presented the Crystal range to us we thought ‘How are we going to do this? It’s all a bit glam and bling.’

“But what’s happened is that a lot of customers have come back and said ‘Why don’t you do this? Why don’t you have DLO cases with mirrors in them? Why don’t you have DLO cases that are more pink?’”

He said the new iDiva brand would be launched via an internal website in the iWorld homepage.

“Under that iDiva.com [brand], we’re really going to be doing products from Philips that are based for females. So we’ve got the Swarovski range, and then we’re looking for jackets and cabling in pink and purple and all those sorts of colours.”

He said the new product lines would be handled by a female staff member, as he admitted “we don’t know fashion and colour”.

Prior to dealing with Philips, iWorld had sold a range of iPod accessories made by DLO, but added product availability came when Philips purchased DLO late last year, said DeClase.

He said the response to the Philips iPod docks in particular had been “fantastic” and also hinted that Philips would add more such docks in the coming months, though he did not give specifics.

Philips Australia general manager, Matt Moran, said the partnership had been working well for them.

“Design is becoming more and more of a critical thing for consumers, in the way they look and purchase product, and we’ve clearly got some pretty good competencies in that area, and you see that coming through in things like the Swarovski crystals – higher-end stuff that’s built with the consumer in mind, and we see some good added value from the Philips brand,” Moran said.

He said iWorld had a “very good route to market”, worked well with retailers and had a very quick reaction time, so “they can make the most of market opportunities in a category which is fast moving.”

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