Uniden launches four GPS units

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Uniden has rolled out its first full range of GPS products with four new models, comprising what the brand believes is one of the most comprehensive offerings in the expanding category.

Launching in June, Uniden’s second-generation Trax Series represent the company’s first models to feature spoken street names and text-to-speech technology.

Uniden Trax GPS

Three of Uniden’s new Trax GPS units feature 3D mapping.

Some high-end units also feature 3D maps with landmarks and buildings including the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House modeled in three dimensions. Contours and rises in the road are also represented in 3D.

Uniden said the breadth of the new range proves it is a long-term player in the in-car GPS category.

“The enduring popularity of Uniden cordless phones has helped cement us as a trusted brand in the consumer electronics space,” said Uniden senior national marketing executive, Brad Hales.

“With the launch of the Uniden Trax Series, we’re hoping to capitalise on this brand loyalty and reinforce our position as the market leader.”

“The portable navigation category continues to grow with incredible speed. It’s an exciting area and certainly one that we want to be a part of with our new range of innovative GPS products,” Hales said.

Prices span from RRP $299.95 for the entry-level Trax 325 with a 3.5-inch LCD and text-to-speech, up to RRP $499.95 for the Trax 436 with a 4.3-inch LCD, Bluetooth and 3D maps.

Other models include the Trax 353 (RRP $379.95) with 3.5-inch LCD and the Trax 430 (RRP $379.95) with 4.3-inch LCD.


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