Haier rolls out an advertising blitz on buses, TV and billboards

By Angela Dorizas

SYDNEY: Haier is rolling out a large-scale advertising campaign in a bid to consolidate it as a leading whitegoods brand. Haier advertisements will be featured on 845 buses nationwide — supported by a national TVC campaign and billboard advertising.

While the bus advertising campaign will run for four weeks, it is only the beginning of a much larger advertising programme.

“This campaign is being rolled out over a 12-month period and the spending will be significant,” Haier Australia managing director, Keith Allen, told Current.

It will be Haier’s biggest advertising venture to date.

“The campaign will enforce the fact that Haier is serious about its long term commitment to the Australian market,” Allen said.

“This is being backed with the complete restructure within Haier Australia, which will provide a much improved and very high level of support.”

According to the campaign coordinators, Sussex Media, the focus is on brand awareness.

“Haier is such a strong brand globally and belongs with other players that have strong brand equity,” Sussex Media sales director, Danny Lenartic, said.

“With consumer purchasing behaviour based on brands our intention is to fast track Haier’s brand equity in the Australian market.”

Haier’s presence will be further strengthened through official sponsorship of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

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