NSW government steps in to accelerate Electrolux recall

By James Wells

SYDNEY: The NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Linda Burney, will hold a press conference at the Electrolux head office at 10.30am this morning following concerns over a poor acceptance rate to a dishwasher recall from consumers.

The recall affects two Electrolux branded machines, two Electrolux Dishlex machines and six Westinghouse branded machines.

Also attending the meeting will be Electrolux compliance and regulatory affairs manager, Ian Forte, who has been managing the recall.

“We are looking to cast the net a bit further. After the first recall, we only had about 6,000 responses from a potential 18,271 that could be affected,” a representative for Electrolux said.

“We have had two recalls now, and we are looking to go out further and wider so consumer are more responsive to the recall."

The new managing director of Electrolux Home Products, John Brown, who was last night announced as the successor to Trevor Carroll will not be attending the press conference and will remain at the company’s sales conference on the Gold Coast.

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