Super Slim Everio Hard Drive Camcorders from JVC


New line features new touch-sensitive scroll bar, super-slim design and a selection of elegant body colours.

JVC Everio camcorders

February, 2008 – JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Limited) is releasing their newest line of Everio Camcorders featuring a new, super-slim design that makes them the world’s smallest hard drive camcorders* on the market. The new Everio line also offers new functions that make operation simpler and more intuitive, and models available in three different colours.

For 2008, there will be Everio camcorders available in ruby red, diamond silver and onyx black, allowing consumers to choose a model based on features, budget and style. Also new is Laser Touch, a touch-sensitive scroll bar that simplifies operation, with 30GB, 40GB and 60GB models, and a new design that’s some 20 percent smaller than last year’s entry-level model. In  addition, higher-end models offer higher-resolution digital stills by virtue of their 7 Megapixel or 5 Megapixel CCDs, making it unnecessary for people to carry both a camcorder and a digital still camera.

These models are the first in the world to have an embedded 1.3” hard disk drive (30GB), which allowed JVC to integrate a large 1/2.5” CCD and its accompanying large optical lens section, without getting bulky — thereby providing the quality benefits of a large lens while maintaining a small body and offering large capacity.

A new innovation found on all 2008 Everio G Series models is the Laser Touch Operation user interface – a touch-sensitive illuminated scroll bar just to the left of the LCD monitor screen. Simply moving a finger up or down along the scroll bar allows the user to browse through and select video clips to view or edit, and operate menus for camera set-up. The 2.7-inch widescreen LCD’s high-resolution GUI is linked to Laser Touch movements, but the feature eliminates the risk of smudging or damaging the screen that users face with a touch-screen interface. And to provide better LCD visibility when shooting outdoors, the display features a new Auto LCD Backlight Control.

Picture quality is maximised by the use of an F1.8 KONICA MINOLTA LENS on most 2008 Everio G Series camcorders. This hig -performance lens, developed by the renowned camera specialist, captures precise, bright images, yet is small enough to have allowed JVC to develop a compact camcorder. Also adding to the picture quality is JVC’s proprietary Gigabrid Engine that integrates various noise reduction technologies to improve the signal-to-noise ratio by about 30 percent (3dB) over previous models without that technology.

Comprising the five-model Everio G line-up for 2008 are two 800K-pixel models, one Megapixel model, one 5 Megapixel model and one 7 Megapixel model. The two 800K-pixel camcorders include one 30GB model and one 40GB model. The 30GB GZ-MG330 offers a 35x optical zoom, and is available in two “gem” colours: ruby red or diamond silver. The GZ-MG345H is silver and has a 40GB internal hard disk drive. The step-up model featuring a 1.07 Megapixel CCD fills-out the middle echelon of the line-up — the 60GB GZ-MG465B, available in onyx black. All of these models, whether 30GB or 60GB, each weigh just 360g including the battery.

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