New cameras incorporate Panasonic’s ‘Intelligent Auto’ (iA) mode


Panasonic introduces latest LUMIX models in award-winning ‘traveller’s zoom’ range:

Panasonic’s latest models in its multiple award-wining TZ range are the DMC-TZ15 and DMC-TZ11.

The new cameras incorporate Panasonic’s ‘Intelligent Auto’ (iA) mode for clear, attractive images in any situation. They are fully equipped for any shooting opportunity on that world trip or weekend away – with a 10x zoom in a compact body, a 28mm wid -angle Leica lens, and optional marine cases.

Since its introduction in 2006, the ‘traveller’s zoom’ has enjoyed great success.  Last year, the TZ3 was recognised with three industry awards – locally by Camera magazine, and internationally with the prestigious TIPA and EISA photo industry awards.

Building on the winning combination of compact size, wide-angle shooting, big zoom,  and superior image quality, these new models now offer Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto Mode, which activates simultaneous automatic features for mistake-free photography; and introduce the new iA modes of ‘Intelligent Exposure’ and ‘Digital Red-Eye Correction’.

Intelligent Exposure ensures that exposure is well balanced across an image and detail maintained. Generally, changes to exposure affect the entire picture. However, Intelligent Exposure is designed to prevent under or over-exposure in different sectors of an image.  For example, if the sky is very bright, aperture and shutter speed are adjusted to slightly underexpose the image and prevent image wash-out. At the same time ISO is adjusted in darker areas.  This is achieved by changing ISO settings only in specific regions of the sensor. Or, if the background of an indoor portrait has insufficient flash, ISO sensitivity is raised only in the low-lit area to make it brighter without causing graininess in the subject’s face.

The cameras include Panasonic’s fourth-generation image-processing LSI, the Venus Engine IV, for higher-quality images, fast shooting and energy-efficiency to maximise images per battery charge.

They also offer all the convenient travel features of the TZ Series, including ‘Travel Date Setting’, which once you have preset the date of your departure, records and displays the images in chronological order of your trip; and ‘World Time Setting’ so you can set the times and dates for 74 locations around the world.  ‘Clipboard’ allows you to quickly and easily take shots of a map or train schedule and view them when needed. Over 20 scene modes, including ‘Beach’ and ‘Aerial’ make it easy to take great images wherever you are.

DMC-TZ15         9.1 Megapixel    $715rrp Black    Available  April
DMC-TZ11         8.1 Megapixel    $599rrp Silver    Available  May

Key features

Intelligent Auto Mode is a significant evolution from standard auto modes, making complex decisions for the user so they don’t have to change settings every time shooting conditions change.  Once iA is selected from the menu, it operates automatically every time a picture is taken, incorporating features that work collectively to produce great photographs. Photographers can concentrate on composition rather than spending time checking that they have set the correct manual controls – making it easier to capture those spontaneous moments.

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