Samsung flags customer service improvements with new call centre deal

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung has partnered with call centre specialist Datacom Connect in a bid to improve customer service.

The company said internal analysis showed they needed to increase their customer service focus and investment following the company’s recent rapid growth.

“Our vision is for any Samsung customer to have their issues resolved on the first phone call with the first operator that they speak to,” said Samsung Electronics Australia customer service manager, Martin Lowe.

“The partnership with Datacom allows us to create a high standard contact centre focused on enhancing the customer journey and providing high quality customer service,”

Lowe said customers should see “dramatic improvements” in the next six months.

Samsung’s partnership includes technology and infrastructure, operator training and development programs, process improvement, and workforce planning. Other key objectives would be to focus on training employees to handle multiple roles and an emphasis on first call resolution, the company said.

Samsung would also expand its customer follow-up team to ensure more complex customer problems and complaints are resolved quickly.



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