Hagemeyer to exit Dimplex brand after 2008 heating season

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Hagemeyer Brands Australia (HBA) has announced the consolidation of the distribution structure for its two seasonal brands, Omega and Dimplex, prior to exiting the Dimplex brand in mid 2008.

According to a letter distributed by Hagemeyer chief executive Michael Touma, the new structure, which came into effect in October last year, will see the company offer both the Omega and Dimplex brands during the current 2008 ‘sell-in’ period for the heating category, prior to Dimplex exiting at the end of the season.

“Under the new structure, the MEA (Major Electrical Appliances) Division will present a dual brand offering to its current distribution channels for the 2008 heating season, consisting of omega and Dimplex. Moving forward, MEA will concentrate on developing the Omega seasonal brand and exit the Dimplex seasonal business at the end of the 2008 heating season,” Touma said in the letter.

“The Omega Appliances Division will continue to offer the extensive ceiling fan and Casablanca ranges. The Omega Appliances team will also work to develop a new heating and portable air-conditioner range under the brand of Eurolux, which they will offer to their current channels to market.

Touma said the move would help the company further develop the omega brand in the seasonal category.

“It is important to note that while internally both MEA and Omega Appliances will be undergoing changes, they will work together to ensure a relatively smooth transition to this new distribution structure for all our customers," he said.  

Hagemeyer has had the rights to the Dimplex distribution since 1998 and the rights are expected to revert to the recently established local subsidiary of the Irish appliance company – Glen Dimplex.

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