New 900 wide Italian cooker at a very competitive $2099

Emilia Alpha Cooker

Emilia Glem introduces the Alpha cooker

The new Emilia Alpha cooker AL965EI from Emilia Glem offers Australian consumers a quality Italian cooking appliance, in the increasingly popular 90cm format, at a very competitive $2099.

This freestanding cooker accommodates five gas burners, one of which is a central wok burner to allow for the use of large woks and pans.

The multi-function electric oven boasts a 132 litre oven capacity and a selection of the most popular cooking functions including fan forced, static grill and fan assisted grill.

Closed-door grilling is an added benefit, keeping fumes and heat inside the oven and out of the kitchen, as well as improving the efficiency of the grill.

Additional features of the Alpha cooker include:

  • Electronic gas burner ignition
  • Digital timer for accurate time control
  • 15 amp plug connection
  • High gas power to the burners at 44.5 Mj/h gas consumption for fast cooking
  • Discreet storage compartment for tins and baking trays
  • Adjustable legs which may be installed to bench heights of 870mm to 930mm or can be built in – cooker body height 750mm RRP: $2099

For more information contact Emilia Glem on 1300 307 917 or visit

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