Fisher & Paykel chooses A1 Grand Prix for global brand recognition

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: A select handful of appliance retailers will have exclusive trackside seats at Sydney’s Eastern Creek raceway next weekend to watch Fisher & Paykel’s leading A1 Grand Prix racing team.

Fisher & Paykel sponsor the leading A1 GP racing team in the A1 Grand Prix series. The team headed by driver Jonny Reid is currently heading the international field in the F&P branded car dubbed ‘Black Beauty’.

The series, which comes to Eastern Creek Raceway this weekend (2 to 3 February) is characterised by equalised vehicle specifications, making human skill the determining factor for winning races. Drivers clock up to 310 kph in the single-seated race vehicles, all made by Lola and which all have the same power specifications and no electronic aids, unlike in Formula One.

This human element is gaining the racing category a worldwide following, reflecting the racing audience’s desire to see the human element reintroduced to racing, rather than the proliferation of electronic driver aids that has dominated. Also, the race series has a country vs country format, making national pride part of the event and making it a welcome change from car manufacturer vs manufacturer.

“The international exposure for the innovative A1 Grand Prix series means the Fisher & Paykel Appliances brand is being promoted and showcased to the world via global television broadcasts,” said Fisher & Paykel Appliances national marketing manager Peter Russell. “There are 12 races annually from September through to March at different locations around the globe.

“As Fisher & Paykel Appliances continues to expand into new international markets it is critical that it secures like minded and equally determined partners to help promote that expansion. Our sponsorship of this elite A1 Grand Prix racing team is a demonstration of this strategy.

“Our winning A1 Team is taking on the world in the same way as our brand, with ingenuity and innovation, and commitment to being the best in the world.”

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